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Shop These 4 Sale Items We Love from Crate & Barrel


Black Friday is off to an early start, and we aren’t complaining about all the savings to be had. One of our all-time favorite home goods stores, Crate & Barrel, is offering some major sales right now. We sorted through it all to find four must-have items that you can currently score for a big [...]

4 Tips for Making New Friends in Chicago

Chicago Apartments Lakeview

When you’re a kid, it’s generally pretty easy to make friends. Meeting new people as an adult is a whole different ballpark, though, especially if you’ve just moved to a new city. Chicago is filled with interesting people of all types, but that can make it challenging to find the ones you click with best. [...]

Tips for Mastering Minimalist Style in Your Apartment

Chicago Apartments Studios in Lakeview

It’s safe to say that minimalism is here to stay. The minimalist movement can be seen everywhere from fashion to food to product branding. When it comes to minimalist interior design, the “trend” has serious staying power due to its accessibility and low upkeep requirements, as well as its universal appeal. It’s also fairly simple [...]

3 Simple Feng Shui Tips for Your Apartment’s Bathroom

Chicago Apartments One Bedroom Gold Coast

The ancient art and science known as feng shui seeks to cultivate positive energy through the proper alignment and orientation of any given space. The history of feng shui dates back approximately 6,000 years, and it’s closely related to the Taoist belief in “chi,” or energy in the land. Bathrooms have a particularly bad reputation [...]

The Best Blankets to Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Chicago Apartments Lakeview Neighborhood

Cue the Game of Thrones theme song, because winter is coming. When the weather outside is frightful, nothing beats a warm, soft blanket to curl up in. To help you prepare for the next few months, we found five of the best blankets that you can purchase right now. Whether you live in a Chicago [...]

Check Out These Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago This November

Chicago Apartments Lakeview Apartments

November is a month for reflection and gratitude, and with the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s an ideal time to give back to your community. There are so many ways to do good here in the Windy City, and it’s easier than ever to find a volunteer opportunity that aligns well with your values and passions. [...]

Beginner Pilates Moves You Can Do In Your Apartment

Chicago Apartments Lakeview

When you aren’t in the mood to leave your apartment but still want to get a good workout in, Pilates may be a good choice for you. Created by Joseph Pilates as a way to rehabilitate World War I veterans from injury, Pilates can provide a complete workout that emphasizes the connection between body and [...]

Apartment Pets: How to Provide a Great Life for Your Cat

Chicago Apartments Lakeview

Calling all cat-people, this one’s for you. Felines make for wonderful apartment pets mainly because they’re such independent animals. However, it’s important to know the best ways to care for your cat properly to ensure your kitty is happy and healthy for years to come. Whether you’re a new cat-parent or just want a refresher on the [...]

4 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Worth Buying

Chicago Apartments Lakeview

As apartment dwellers, we know how important it is to choose your belongings wisely. While there are ways you can save space and maximize your storage, you still have to be picky with what you keep in your home protect it from getting too cramped or cluttered. Kitchen gadgets can be bulky and often demand [...]

3 Tips for Fighting Germs in Your Apartment

Chicago Apartments Lakeview

Colder weather has arrived, and with it comes “sick season.” Common colds, viruses, and the dreaded flu tend to peak in the cooler months. That means it’s more important than ever to take some extra precautions aimed at keeping you healthy and safe. You won’t be able to get your apartment completely germ-free, but you [...]

Local Chicago Skincare Brands to Try this Fall

Chicago Apartments Lakeview

There’s no better way to support your home city than by shopping locally.  As the weather cools,  you may be looking for some skin care products to combat the harsh effects of cold weather.  Lucky for us, there is a wide selection of local brands and businesses right here in Chicago, including a variety of natural [...]

5 Pieces We Love from Amazon’s New Home Decor Line

Old Town Chicago Apartments

Amazon recently launched a brand new home decor line, Ravenna Home, and it’s living up to the hype. The new line features traditional, chic essentials that epitomize the classic and simple (but never boring) style we love. This collection features over 50 new pieces ranging from sofas and stools to accent chairs and tables. Take [...]

Apartment Pets: Useful Tips for Training Your Cat

Chicago Apartments Lakeview

If you thought pet training was just for dogs, think again. While you (probably) can’t teach a cat to fetch a ball, cats can be trained to behave well in your apartment. Training your cat can be mutually beneficial to both you and your kitty, so it’s worth it to give it a try. However, [...]

Halloween Candy Bark Recipe


Halloween Candy Bark is the most delicious way to enjoy your leftover Halloween candy. It’s spooky good. Halloween Candy Bark Ingredients: 2 bags candy melts (White or milk chocolate) Assorted candy (we used Reeses Cups & M&Ms, but feel free to mix it up) Oreos Pretzels Instructions: 1. Crush or cut Oreos and pretzels into bit-sized pieces. [...]

5 Pet-Friendly Houseplants for Your Apartment

chicago apartments Lincoln Park

Houseplants provide many benefits, aesthetically and beyond, but for pet owners, some extra research is required before bringing a new plant home to your apartment. It may come as a shock, but many common houseplants are actually toxic to cats and dogs. To help you determine the safest plant options for your apartment, we’ve compiled [...]

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