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Simple Feng Shui Tips For Your Apartment

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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of cultivating positive energy through various design elements. The belief is that by arranging your home in the right manner, you can increase the flow of chi throughout your house or apartment. When it comes to city living, it can be difficult to know how to best apply [...]

Tips for Living With a Roommate In Your Chicago Apartment


  By Daniela Johnson Whether it’s your first time living with someone or your 10th, sharing your Chicago apartment with another person comes with challenges. Opposite schedules, cleaning habits, cooking preferences—these are just a few of the common reasons roommates can clash. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid these unwanted issues. Here [...]

How to Set Up an Effective Work-From-Home Space in Your Apartment


  By Daniela Johnson   Remote work is becoming increasingly common. According to FlexJobs, remote job holders account for 2.9% of the American workforce. This statistic is not surprising if you consider the many benefits of flexible employment. However, working remotely does come with challenges, including a constant battle against distractions. Work-from-home veterans insist that [...]

Simple Ways to Maximize Space In Your Studio Apartment

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  By Daniela Johnson Studio apartments have many benefits, but they can feel tight if you lack the right setup or organization skills. Luckily, it doesn’t require much effort to arrange your studio in a way that utilizes every inch of space. Here are some simple ways you can maximize space in your studio apartment. [...]

Low-Maintenance Houseplants for Beginner Indoor Gardeners

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  By Daniela Johnson   Houseplants have been a major home décor trend as of late, and the “jungalow” theme isn’t going away any time soon. If you’ve been wanting to get your hands dirty but don’t know where to begin, you aren’t alone. Picking the right houseplant for your home can be overwhelming, especially [...]

Simple Tricks for Making Your Studio Apartment Look Larger


  Simple Tricks for Making Your Studio Apartment Look Larger   By Daniela Johnson   Studios may be the smallest apartment option available, but that doesn’t mean they’re destined to look cramped. There are lots of simple hacks that you can use to make your studio appear more spacious. Check out these simple tricks for [...]

Valentie’s Day Tasty Treats


Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the cards, gifts, and fancy restaurants.  Don’t get us wrong, they are a great part of it, but the true purpose is to enjoy the day with your one and only.  However, one way to really enjoy spending the day together is having some amazing treats to enjoy.  I mean [...]

Cats and Christmas Trees Don’t Mix


There is something about Christmas trees that makes cats go crazy. They climb them, chew them, bat at them – they basically do anything and everything to try and knock your tree down or break all of your ornaments. This is just a proven fact. Not only is your cat climbing or messing with your [...]

Studio Living in Cozy Comfort


You can’t see yourself living in a studio! That’s how I felt until I did it. I grew up in a large 4-bedroom house on the North Shore with rooms that we never used. So was all that square footage necessary? A resounding “NO.” But nobody could have told me otherwise, until I sold my [...]

PPM’s T-Shirt Design Contest

T Shirt Design Flyer 2014 Blue

Have you ever wanted to see one of your designs on a t-shirt? Here’s your chance! Summer is coming and we need a cool new t-shirt! The winning design will be made into a t-shirt and the winner will receive $500 (rent credit or AMX Gift Cards) There will also be a 2nd and third [...]

Searching For A Dog Friendly Apartment In Lincoln Park

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I’ll be honest, looking for affordable apartments with a dog in Chicago, particularly Lincoln Park, wasn’t the easiest of real estate endeavors. My criteria for a dog-friendly building wasn’t exactly exorbitant, I was simply looking for a building within my price range, by some greenery (my pup doesn’t know where to tinkle in a concrete [...]

Apartment Hunting in Chicago – Lakeview


It was nearly two years ago that I found myself apartment hunting in Chicago. I was moving to the city for a work promotion from the southwest suburbs where I lived almost my entire life. I had NO idea where I wanted to live, or what neighborhood would best fit my lifestyle. Right before my [...]

Upcycle Project: Wine Cork Potholder or Wall Hanging


This project seemed like the perfect start to my adventure in Upcycling because I have a lot of two things in my apartment: wine and photos. The end product doesn’t have to be used as a potholder – you can also hang it in the kitchen as homemade art work. For this project you need [...]

How to Feng Shui Your Apartment


Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) isn’t just for people with large homes and it definitely doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. Feng Shui by definition is a Chinese system of thought for spatial arrangement in relation to the flow of energy in a space. The idea is that the way things are [...]

How I Found My Dog Friendly Gold Coast Apartment

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When I made the decision to move to Chicago to attend law school I knew next to nothing about the city or its neighborhoods. I had a friend who lived in Lakeview in a Planned Property Management building so the management company was on my radar as I began my search for the perfect apartment. [...]