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This Fall & Winter, Keep Your Packages Safe!


The Holidays are coming up, and soon it will be the season of giving! Lots of online orders and packages will be coming in from all over the country! Apartment buildings all over the city of Chicago will be receiving package after package! So with all this holiday hustle, bustle and hullabaloo, how do you [...]

PPM’s Doggie Costume Contest


Halloween season is here! We at PPM get pretty excited for this time of year and all the creepy crawlies that come with it. You know who else loves Halloween season? Our Dogs! That’s right, Halloween isn’t just for us but also our favorite furry friends. Why wouldn’t they, there’s plenty of treats to go [...]

Moving Series: Should You Move Yourself or Hire Movers?


Summer is finally here and many of you are itching to move into your new PPM apartment.  This can be both an exciting time but also a stressful time, as moving is never the easiest thing nor the most fun.  However in the end, when you are finally situated in your new PPM apartment your [...]

PPM’s “it” Valentine’s Day Couple Contest

Valentines Contest 2016

Did you know Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday? That’s right so you better start thinking of what you’re going to do and how you’re going to surprise your significant other. Fear not though because PPM has got you covered, that’s right we’re kicking off the New Year with PPM’s first contest of 2016. [...]

PPM Gives Back


Giving back is one of PPM’s core values and this season we are giving you three easy ways to join in! After all, that is the reason for the season. Here at PPM we are taking the initiative to spend our holiday season, reciprocating to our beloved communities here in Chicago. Check it out! The [...]

PPM Gives Back

Food Flyer Giving Back Pantry Lakeview

PPM is proud to announce its partnership with Lakeview Pantry throughout the month of October. What is Lakeview Pantry you ask? For nearly 45 years, Lakeview Pantry has provided a nutritious variety of groceries and essential social services to our neighbors in Lakeview who struggle with food insecurity. We’re not only impressed by how determined [...]

XSport and Planned Property Management EXCLUSIVE


One of the biggest complaints I hear from people about working out is the expense of belonging to a gym. Well, here at PPM we’ve decided to do something about it. The health and wellness of our residents is one of our top priorities so (in addition to providing free gym facilities in many of [...]

Why Your Dog’s Paws and Winter Do Not Mix


We live in a city and it inevitable that our dogs are going to be exposed to some harsh conditions this winter. Not only is the ice, snow and cold detrimental to our dogs paws (and well-being in general) but the ice used to salt roads and sidewalks is also very harmful. There is a [...]

Aggression between Cats


Hello Planned Property Management residents! Did you know that ALL PPM buildings are cat-friendly? Whether you’re a current cat owner hoping to adopt another cat or pet-free and looking to adopt a pair of sibling kittens or whatnot, aggression between cats is one of the chief concerns of cat owners. The ASPCA defines feline aggression [...]



We need teams of 4 for our volleyball tournament we are having at our annual resident appreciation party at 3130 N. Lake Shore Dr. on September 20th! The tournament is single round elimination, and the grand prize is $1000 rent credit! The party will have a live DJ, barbecue, and guaranteed FUN! We want all [...]

PPM Giving Back – The Lakeview Food Pantry


Any Chicago resident can and will testify to greatness of the need to donate during our fierce Chicago winters, however, often overlooked is the great and constant need for food. This need is exasperated during these hot summer months when children are out of school, children who typically rely on their school for meals, are [...]

Cat Litter Tips


Disclaimer: The author of this blog post has not now, nor ever in the past, worked for a cat litter manufacturer. She has, however, owned cats with digestive problems and lived in a small one-bedroom apartment with two windows. Therefore, she has no qualms about referring to herself as a “self-proclaimed cat litter expert.” Finding [...]

Studio Living in Cozy Comfort


You can’t see yourself living in a studio! That’s how I felt until I did it. I grew up in a large 4-bedroom house on the North Shore with rooms that we never used. So was all that square footage necessary? A resounding “NO.” But nobody could have told me otherwise, until I sold my [...]

Spring cleaning – Gone to the Dogs!


Hi Planned Property Management pet owners! With April showers, brings May flowers… and spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is not just for your apartment, but also cleaning your dog. Grooming is not just about maintaining your dog’s level of hygiene, and it is not just about keeping your dog adorable. Grooming is about maintaining both your [...]

How to Stop your Dog from Barking


As much as man’s best friend can be just that, there is one pesky little problem that our four-legged friends bring with them — barking. In an apartment, that problem is magnified. You as an owner can help lessen your dog’s barking by first identifying the type of barking in which your dog is engaging, [...]