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Chicago Farmers Market 2018


Summer has finally come back to Chicago! Who isn’t excited for that, we sure are. Here at PPM we love summer, not only because we have the best rooftop pools in the Gold Coast or the best patios in Lakeview. No no, we love summer because of all the awesome outdoor things there is to [...]

Grow An Indoor Spice Garden In Your Chicago Apartment


Living in a Chicago apartment and are craving a touch of spring? Don’t have a green thumb? No idea how to begin? Read on to master the art of growing herbs! Choosing Soil Plants are vulnerable to soil-born diseases so it is best to go with a potting mix that can be bought at stores [...]

Healthy Cooking For One In Your Chicago Apartment


Planning a meal can be difficult especially when you are cooking for one. You have to worry about food going to waste or storing the left overs. It can be stressful trying to figure out what all you need and how much you need of it. Being in the grocery store trying to find small [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day Chicago 2016


It’s that time of year again when spring is just around the corner and summer is on the horizon. The cold winter months are behind us and the anticipation of nice weather fills are hearts. One of the first celebrations that kicks off this time of year is, of course, Saint Patrick’s Day – a [...]

The Season Has Arrived For Chicago Farmers Markets

farmers market tents

The Season Has Arrived For Chicago Farmers Markets! When you rent an apartment from Planned Property Management, within a short walk there are multitudes of shopping and dining options. The warming air and longer daylight also signals the start of the farmer’s market season. Chicago has over 50 farmer’s markets throughout the week and many [...]

Things You Should Never Put Down a Garbage Disposal


Garbage disposals are a great convenience, but they are not designed to handle every kitchen scrap.  The blades and motors in garbage disposals are intended to grind up small quantities of food into particles so they can be flushed through the drain. Clogged or damaged garbage disposals are among the top reasons for maintenance calls [...]

Chicago Christmas tree Recycling Program


Sadly the holiday season has come to an end. Time to take down those sparkling lights and put away the Christmas cider. For many of us that also means it’s time to take out our Christmas trees. But did you know there is a right way to recycle your tree that does not include throwing [...]

Winter Life Hacks


Chicago has already decided to turn into Chiberia for the winter, whether you were ready for it or not. Winter in this city isn’t just a season; it’s a way of life. Only the strong survive. Well, we figured there is no such thing as too many tips for surviving this city in winter, so [...]

Stay Committed to Going Green


We’ve given you a lot of information about ways that PPM is going green as well as tips to make your life more sustainable. But sometimes, we get lazy. We have great ideas that will help the planet but sometimes we take the easy way out and revert back to our old ways. We wanted [...]

Bacino’s – Lakeview


Lakeview is filled with so many hidden and not so hidden gems. From the parks to the restaurants, it would take ages to list all the reasons why living in Lakeview is so great. Yet when it comes to the areas amazing restaurants there is never a shortage of places to eat.  Which brings us [...]

Why Skipping Breakfast is a Bad Choice


I understand more than anyone how good pushing snooze for the fourth time in one morning feels. Those extra minutes of shuteye? Priceless. What are you giving up when you’re running behind and you can only fit in so much before you have to be out the door to catch a bus or train? If [...]

Farm-to-Table: Lakeview Edition


One easy way to take steps to become more environmentally conscious is to eat at restaurants that buy sustainable ingredients. Basically, this means that the restaurant will buy organic and (hopefully) locally. We want to provide you with some of the best farm to table restaurants in the neighborhoods where YOU live. This is the [...]

Healthy Substitutes for Everyday Eating


The worst part about trying to eat healthier is changing your normal habits. Sometimes we eat for convenience, or because it’s what we’re used to and you shouldn’t have to inconvenience yourself to get healthier. Yes, it takes some work, but by slowly implementing some of the tips we’ve put together below, you’ll be eating [...]

Ten Tips for Going Green!


Develop a plan, set some goals, and before you know it you can be living a much more sustainable, earth-friendly lifestyle with some of these tips for going green: 1. Check before you chuck: 80% of what Americans throw away can be recycled. Despite this fact, America’s recycling rate is only 28%. Look before you [...]

Spring Cleaning – The Green Way!


Mother nature may have other plans but (hopefully) Spring is right around the corner. We all know what happens in the Winter. We’re pack rats and we spend a lot of time indoors which means our apartments could probably use a pick me up as the weather gets warmer. Yet Spring cleaning isn’t all that [...]