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The Rocky Horror Picture Show


If you are a Rocky Horror virgin then you need to change that this October. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 music comedy horror. Which should intrigue you enough by itself, but if not, I’ll go on. The film was largely ignored when it was initially released but gained momentum as a midnight [...]

Stay Committed to Going Green


We’ve given you a lot of information about ways that PPM is going green as well as tips to make your life more sustainable. But sometimes, we get lazy. We have great ideas that will help the planet but sometimes we take the easy way out and revert back to our old ways. We wanted [...]

Haunted Houses in Chicago


Haunted Houses in Chicago A friend of mine asked me the other day if I wanted to go to a haunted house. I had two reactions: (1) Absolutely not. Haunted houses are basically my worst nightmare. (2) Does Chicago even have any haunted houses? The answer is yes, it has many very very good haunted [...]

Bacino’s – Lakeview


Lakeview is filled with so many hidden and not so hidden gems. From the parks to the restaurants, it would take ages to list all the reasons why living in Lakeview is so great. Yet when it comes to the areas amazing restaurants there is never a shortage of places to eat.  Which brings us [...]

Panini Republic Restaurant Review


We’ve been waiting anxiously for The Panini Republic @ 500 W. Diversey (kitty corner from 2 PPM Buildings – 2756 N. Pine Grove & 434 W. Diversey) to open – as we are always  looking for a fresh lunch alternative!  Today we discovered it was worth the wait!  We walked into  a super friendly, clean, [...]

Aggression between Cats


Hello Planned Property Management residents! Did you know that ALL PPM buildings are cat-friendly? Whether you’re a current cat owner hoping to adopt another cat or pet-free and looking to adopt a pair of sibling kittens or whatnot, aggression between cats is one of the chief concerns of cat owners. The ASPCA defines feline aggression [...]

Why Skipping Breakfast is a Bad Choice


I understand more than anyone how good pushing snooze for the fourth time in one morning feels. Those extra minutes of shuteye? Priceless. What are you giving up when you’re running behind and you can only fit in so much before you have to be out the door to catch a bus or train? If [...]

Farm-to-Table: Lakeview Edition


One easy way to take steps to become more environmentally conscious is to eat at restaurants that buy sustainable ingredients. Basically, this means that the restaurant will buy organic and (hopefully) locally. We want to provide you with some of the best farm to table restaurants in the neighborhoods where YOU live. This is the [...]

Single in the City, but Not Alone


A recent American Veterinary Medical Association survey shows that singles are more and more often turning to pets for love and companionship. Families still trump singles in pet ownership (66.4% versus 54.7%), but singles’ ownership increased by an impressive 16.6% from 2006-2011 (46.9% to 54.7%) versus 1.37% growth in pet ownership for families during the [...]

Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet


Your toilet is really only designed to dispose of human waste and the associated toilet tissues. (And, it should be noted, we’re pretty lucky in that regard—many sewer systems can’t handle toilet paper and you have to dispose of it in the trash!) Really, anything else shouldn’t be disposed of down the toilet. Here are [...]

A Closer Look at Nightlife in Chicago’s Gold Coast


So, you’re looking to get out tonight, but aren’t sure what’s shaking. Chicago’s Gold Coast always has something going on, and you can find a lot of it, no matter what you’re looking for. It’s always a good idea to have a plan before hit the town. If your like us, we love to get [...]

Noodles and Comapany – Lakeview


We love Lakeview, and there are so many reasons why, you just can’t simply write them all down. Nonetheless one great fact that makes living in Lakeview that more amazing is of course the food and the amount of great choices right under your finger tip. So how do you choose from all these great [...]

Keeping your Dog Safe on Walks


Why hello there Planned Property residents! One thing many urban dog owners often bemoan is the lack of grass our pets have to relieve themselves on in the city. Some patches and gardens have “No Pets Allowed” signs. Some of us ignore them; thinking it’s just a sign to keep our fur babies out. While [...]

Resident Tailz


It can be hard to find comfortable apartments in Chicago you want if you have a pet. Planned Property Management boasts several dog-friendly buildings and each and every one of our properties is cat-friendly! A new feature in the PPM Pet Blog will spotlight one of our residents each month. Residents will discuss moving with [...]

Cheap Eats at Duffy’s Tavern


PPM is always trying to bring you the best and cheapest eats in Lakeview and Lincoln Park. This week, we headed over to Duffy’s Tavern located at 420 W Diversey Pkwy (773.549.9090) for $2 Taco Tuesday. That’s right! Only 2 dollars! We tried their chicken, chorizo, and pork tacos. Each one had savory meat and [...]

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