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Chicago’s Dog House


Something quick, gourmet, and classic… The Chicago hot dog is a continuing source of fuel for the people of Chicago. Although available at every dog joint in the city, we attained our fix from “Chicago’s Dog House” at 816 W. Fullerton Ave, open from 11am to 9pm. This dog house is wall to wall with [...]

Lincoln Park Stadium Bar and Grill


Not sure where to head this weekend? Maybe you live in Lincoln Park or have an itch to head up north from some weekend fun. Whatever your weekend pleasure, there is one spot you must hit for some ice cold beverages and a great atmosphere. That of course would be Lincoln Park Stadium Bar and [...]

Everything You Need to Know About the Chicago Dog Flu


By now you’ve hopefully heard about a virus that is spreading like crazy through the dog population of Chicago. In fact, it has reached epidemic levels. It is an infectious respiratory disease caused by a highly contagious strain known as H3N8. The Cook County Animal Control has reported that between January and March fived dogs [...]

How To Access Your Online Account

Pay Online, Computer, Credit Card, Mac

Dear PPM Residents Planned Property Management is pleased to offer a way for you to access your account information online at your convenience. How To Create And Access Your Account To create a new account go to: “Pay Rent Online” Step 1: On the Resident Login screen, click Create New Account. Step 2: Enter your account [...]

Lito’s Empanadas


2566 N. Clark 11:00 am -9:00 pm On the corner of Wrightwood and Clark Avenue, there is a little restaurant that goes by the name of Lito’s Empanadas – 2566 N. Clark St. We chose to indulge our appetites in this close to standing room only, 8 year old empanada storefront, after hearing much [...]

The Wiener’s Circle


2622 N. Clark 773.477.7444 11:00 am -4:00 am Looking for a fast affordable meal, a late night snack, a Lincoln Park landmark? The Wiener’s Circle has you covered an all three! Please don’t think that due to all the press (including a reality tv show) this place is just a late night gimmick – the [...]

The Bourgeois Pig Café


736-738 W. Fullerton 7:00 am – 10:00 pm 773.883.5282 In this day and age when you can find a national sandwich chain on every block it was very refreshing to find a unique, hip privately owned café right here in the heart of Lincoln Park! The Bourgeois Pig Cafe is a beloved Lincoln Park [...]

St. Paddy’s Day Treats @ Lakeview’s DMK Burger


We took an afternoon stroll to the DMK Burger Bar located at 2954 N Sheffield Ave. Of course our visit today would not be the first, considering we absolutely pine over the juicy list of delicacies they have to offer. However, we heard rumor of a few special additions to the menu. We are living [...]

Laundry Room Etiquette


If you live in a PPM building you have the amenity of in-building laundry. Which is glorious. Imagine lugging your hamper down to a Laundromat or dry cleaner. No thank you.So, with this great privilege of in-building laundry, comes great responsibility. I am sure that each of us has been either offended by someone’s laundry [...]

Shake Shack


We discovered a secret if you want lunch @ Shake Shack in River North and DON”T want to wait in line – get there right when they open @ 11:00 am – we were the first customers of the day – PERFECT START!  We were so excited to finally try what everybody in Chicago has [...]

Important Questions to Ask your Vet


I am sure we are all guilty of taking our pets to the veterinarian for either their yearly vaccinations or some kind of issue and we go along with whatever the vet says and don’t ask many questions. Well, much like human doctors, vets have many different styles and opinions about how to handle pet [...]

Snarf’s Sandwiches


Snarf’s Sandwiches 2201 N. Lincoln Ave 773.935.2222   We here @ PPM are ALWAYS on the lookout for affordable lunches in our neighborhoods – so we were super excited when the Colorado based sandwich chain, Snarf’s open right here in Lincoln Park!  We loved the welcoming atmosphere – open, large, super colorful and loud [...]

Coping with Pet Loss


The awful reality of owning a pet is that they will someday leave us. To some people the death of a dog or a cat shouldn’t be that significant. But those of us with pets who are a part of our family know that the death of an animal family member can hurt in the [...]

Winter Apartment Care

3510 Pine Grove PicMonkey Collage

You might think that the only things you can do to combat the unbearable Chicago winters is to bundle up while you’re outside roughing it for your morning commute. But, we have some news: you can help beat the winter inside your apartment as well.  Change out your bedding If you use the same bedding [...]

Gino’s East


Gino’s East 2801 N. Lincoln Ave 773.327.3737  Nothing feeds the soul (and the stomach) better on a freezing cold Chicago day than deep dish Chicago Pizza AND nobody does it better than Gino’s East.  So on a recent frigid Chicago afternoon we headed over to Gino’s East @ 2801 N. Lincoln (on the border [...]

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