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ROCKS In Lakeview


ROCKS, located in Lakeview near so many of our properties. It opened about five years ago and is still packed every night. Stop by this neighborhood spot to grab a delicious snack, drinks with friends, or dinner! With their large outdoor seating right on Broadway and spacious indoors with a bar, it appeals to everyone. [...]

Beginners Guide To Chicago Tours and Sightseeing


If you haven’t noticed yet, we here at PPM love Chicago. We love the city, the Museums, our residents and we love dogs. What we also love is visitors and we know for many the city can be a bit overwhelming. We put together two a little guide for first timers as a way to [...]

Pokémon Go In Chicago


Pokémon Go is the biggest craze happening all over the world and Chicago is no exception. I mean what’s not to like? It gets you outside, moving, and socializing with fellow Pokémon trainers, it’s a blast! Who hasn’t felt the nostalgia, it brings back childhood memories of watching the morning show or whipping out your [...]

Trails in Chicago


Summer in Chicago is usually short, so it is important to get out and enjoy the warm weather while you can! There are many paths and places to walk in Chicago, however, these three places are some of the best. They offer wonderful views of the city, a great place to relax or exercise, or [...]

Food Trucks in Chicago


In the past few years, food trucks have been popping up all over Chicago. They’re mainly located in the Loop, yet some spread to locations in Lincoln Park. Food trucks are becoming more and more popular each year and the Chicago Food Truck Festival helps to expose the trucks to new customers. The annual festival [...]

Lollapalooza Must See After Shows


Lollapalooza Must See After Shows Can’t get a ticket to Lollapalooza? Or, can’t get enough? Each year, Lollapalooza offers multiple after shows across the city throughout the week of the festival. It is one of the most popular festivals in Chicago, which makes it difficult for everyone to get their hands on a ticket. This [...]

Six Best Summer Yoga Spots In Chicago


Alright Yoga fans, summer is in full swing and that means it’s time to get out and enjoy some amazing places to do yoga in Chicago. What’s an even greater fact is that all the places we recommend in this blog are just steps from various PPM apartments. So if you’re in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, [...]

Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse


Gibson’s Bar And Steakhouse 1028 N. Rush We have stumbled upon a great secret right here in the Gold Coast, steps away from all PPM High-Rises.  Did you know you can have lunch at one of Chicago’s finest restaurants for about what you would pay for a fast food sandwich? Gibson’s opens daily @ [...]

Space Management in Small Apartments


One of the keys to living comfortably in a small apartment is being smart about the space you have. Following are some space-saving ideas for furnishing and decorating your cozy apartment. With a little creativity and a personal touch, it’s not so hard to make your apartment feel like home. So let’s take a look [...]

Oak Street Beach Food and Drink


Summer in Chicago is truly an amazing and magical thing that occurs in our favorite city.  Not only do you get the hot weather but also the fests, the concerts and the PPM pool parties!  Yet you also get something very special that not many cities have, the beach scene on the edge of the [...]

Moving Series: Should You Move Yourself or Hire Movers?


Summer is finally here and many of you are itching to move into your new PPM apartment.  This can be both an exciting time but also a stressful time, as moving is never the easiest thing nor the most fun.  However in the end, when you are finally situated in your new PPM apartment your [...]

PPM’s Summer Instagram Contest


Use #PPMSUMMER and Win Big Money All Summer! We all love summer in Chicago and PPM has a chance for you to win BIG MONEY as you are out enjoying yourselves this season. Simply share your best pics all summer long with us and we will reward our favorite pic every Monday a $50 rent [...]

Millennium Park Summer Film Series 2016


Movies, movies, movies, I think it’s safe to say we all love movies. Chicagoan’s also love the summer, I mean we really love summer. From the beaches to the festivals we love summer time in Chicago. So we did what any sensible city would do, we combined movies and summer. How might you ask? Simple, [...]

Flacos Tacos


One of the many reasons living in the Gold Coast is so great are the wide variety of restaurants. Chooses that are nearly endless and caterer to whatever you taste buds may be in need of. From Italian, Chicago hotdogs, or pizza, the Gold Coast has got you covered. What’s even better is that many [...]

Lincoln Park Wine Fest


With spring on the outs and summer just a few weeks away we know we are all pumped. To the sunny beach days, the awesome PPM pool parties, and of course the countless Chicago fests. Fest season is one of our favorite seasons, as there are countless ones to visit during the summer months. From [...]

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