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We need teams of 4 for our volleyball tournament we are having at our annual resident appreciation party at 3130 N. Lake Shore Dr. on September 20th! The tournament is single round elimination, and the grand prize is $1000 rent credit! The party will have a live DJ, barbecue, and guaranteed FUN! We want all [...]

What to do in Chicago in September


Well, we can’t deny it anymore. Fall is coming. September means that the weather gets cooler, the trees start to change and we start to fear the dreaded w-word. But just because the season that comes after fall is terrible, doesn’t mean we should shun fall altogether. To its credit, it has a lot of [...]

Cheap Eats: Lakeview & Lincoln Park


Here at PPM we are constantly on the hunt for a quick affordable lunch!  We hit the jackpot this week with two Chicago classics!  First up, Lakeview’s Art of Pizza @ 3033 N. Ashland (773.327.5600) where we had lunch for $3.66!!!  The Art offers lots of hot, ready to serve slices available in thin crust, [...]

Chicago Activities for Kids


Chicago is packed with activities for kids, and residents of the city’s Gold Coast, Lakeview and Lincoln Park neighborhoods in particular are surrounded by a veritable smorgasbord of family friendly destinations and events. Following are just a few kid-friendly highlights that have proven popular with Planned Property Management residents and employees, as well as links [...]

Separated @ Birth – THE RESULTS

Separated at birth Contest Vote

Thanks to everyone who entered PPM’s Separated @ Birth Contest!  We had a blast checking out who you believe you look like!  One of our core values @ PPM is to have FUN, which is why we love hosting these type of contests – please email of you have suggestions for future contests!   Separated @ Birth [...]

Sweet Station – Chicago Chinatown


One of the many reasons we all love Chicago has to definitely be the food. I mean we have it all, the best pizza, the best hotdogs, and we have some of the best cultural foods around. All of these can be found in the backyard of our amazing city. So today we ventured out [...]

What Does It Cost To Live in Downtown Chicago?


The cost of living is an important consideration if you’re considering a move, especially if you’re considering moving for a job. The cost of living in Chicago varies greatly depending on where you live, and downtown Chicago tends to be the most expensive, although it may not be as much as it seems at first. [...]

Moving Series: How to Find the Right Size Truck


If you are renting a truck for moving, you want to get the right size truck for your move. Getting a truck that’s too large can mean additional cost and may put your items at risk from moving around in the excess space. Getting a truck that’s too small will mean that not everything can [...]

Uber in Chicago


It’s likely that you’re familiar with Uber if you live in Chicago. You can summon a car at the touch of a button and it’s probably going to get you to your desired location for less than a taxi would cost. But Uber has been in the news lately for more than just low fares [...]

How Exercise Can Improve Your Life


We all know that exercise has major benefits – but we also know how good it feels to skip the gym and eat Oreos on the couch. BOTH of these things feel great sometimes, but we’ve put together a few reasons why exercise will feel better in the long run. Remember that getting out the [...]

MFK – Lincoln Park


MFK, which stands for Mary Frances Kennedy (a preeminent American food writer), opened on her birthday, is targeted at a Mediterranean seafood experience and feels like a beachside cafe one might walk into while visiting the Mediterranean.   The atmosphere when you walk in very light and open. You can see all the way through the [...]

August Happenings in Chicago


So maybe you didn’t get tickets to Lollapalooza and you’re thinking that the only thing August means is the end of Summer. WRONG! The great things Chicago has to offer in the Summer definitely doesn’t end in July. Take a look at what we’ve rounded up for must see and do things for the month [...]

How to Keep Cool this Summer


Living in Chicago we all know that the weather is unpredictable. There can be summer days so hot you don’t want to leave your apartment, and other days where a sweatshirt and jeans still doesn’t feel like enough. Although we complain – you have to admit that those beautiful summer days make this city well [...]

New Fall Television Shows


I know, I know, the last thing we want to think about right now is the summer coming to an end. It feels like the polar vortex just left the windy city but unfortunately, fall is right around the corner. But there is one upside to fall – other than great tailgating weather – and [...]

Interview Skill


No matter where you are in your career or your life, interviews are (unfortunately) a reality for many of us. We interview if we’re looking for that first job out of school, if we’re looking for a promotion within a company we already work for, or even for things like belonging to a certain group [...]

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